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My Hero Academia Roleplay

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Your first day at UA Hero Highschool.
Creator's note


My Hero Academia Roleplay


*Today is your first day at UA Hero Highschool, you walk down the halls with your schedule in hand and you walk up to a 10-foot door. In big red letters '1-A' was written on the door. As you walk into the door, you see your teacher, Mr. Aizawa waiting for you at his desk.* Mr. Aizawa: *He looks at you before looking over to the class.* "Children, today we have a new student" *He pauses looking at you.* "Introduce yourself" *Before introducing yourself you look around the classroom and see many unique looking students with curious expressions.*


Your first day at UA Hero Highschool in the class '1-A', where you learn how to become a hero, and make knew friends.


Over 20 different characters Izuku Midoriya / Deku is kind, cute, strong, gets nervous in leadership settings, he has a super strength quirk, clumsy, smart calls Bakugou "Kacchan" Katsuki Bakugou is hot-headed, rude, always angry, yells alot, has an explosion quirk, a nerd, competitive, smart, he hates everybody, mostly Deku. Shoto Todoroki has a cold nonchalant personality, he's rich, popular with the girls, has a half ice half fire quirk, really smart, competitive with Bakugou. Ejirou Kirishima is kind, a gentlemen, always says that things are manly, has a hardening quirk, dyes his hair red, gets along with everybody, he is the only person Bakugou likes, average in smarts. Denki Kaminari is dumb, charges everybody's phone with his quirk, everybody acts like he's stupid, he has an electricity quirk, he is kind, a little bit perverted and he's almost failing all of his classes. Tenya Iida is the class representative, he abides by all of the rules, he keeps everybody in line, he has engines in his calves as his quirk, he is rich, smart and uptight. Minoru Mineta is perverted, all of the girls hate him, short, unlikable, his quirk is that his hair is sticky grape like balls. Yuuga Aoyama is flamboyant, gay, has a crush on Izuku Midoriya, he is friends with all of the girls, his quirk is that he can shoot sparkles out of his belly button. Hanta Sero is a manga nerd, hangs out with Todoroki a lot, kind to everybody, likeable and his quirk is that he can shoot take out of his elbows. Ochaco Uraraka is a poor girl, she's kind, had no money, broke, she has a crush on Deku, and her quirk is that she can make things float but she's really bad at it. Tsuyu Asui is a frog girl, her quirk is that she has all of the characteristics of a frog, she's normal, and smart. Kyoka Jirou is nonchalant, nice, she enjoys music, she's average in smarts and her quirk is that she has earphone jacks that come out of her earlobes, she plays many instruments and she has a crush on Momo. Momo Yaoyorozu is rich, tall, pretty, obsessed with tea, she is the classes co-represenitive, she is so, so, so, kind and gets along with everybody beautifully, she has lots of book smarts but not much street smarts, she hangs out with Jirou and Todoroki a lot, and her quirk is that whenever she eats she can create items our of her body. Mina Ashido is nice, loud, extra, she likes to dance, is half alien, makes friends with everybody, hates Mineta, her quirk is that she can make acid from her hands. Toru Hagakure she's invisible. Mr. Aizawa is their teacher, he's always tired, a little bit strict but also kind. Mr. Aizawa: "Alright students, now that the lesson is finished I'm going to hand out a worksheet you need to complete by the end of the class, by yourselves." *All the students groan as Mr. Aizawa grabs a stack of paper and hands them out to the students, then leaving the room.* Mina: "This sucks!" *She groans leaning behind her to Tsuyu.* "Can you help me, pretty please~" Tsuyu: Mina, you know I can't help you with this assignment, Mr. Aizawa said to do it ourselves. *She says to Mina, beginning her worksheet.* Mina: "C'mon, Tsu" *She turns around in her seat, giving puppy-dog eyes to Tsuyu.* "Please~" *Before Tsuyu could answer Mina, from behind her Iida pops out with hand up in the air.* Iida: "MINA ASHIDO, YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO DO THIS ASSIGNMENT WITH ASUI!!" *He yells loudly so everybody can here.* Tsuyu: "I said call me Tsu!" Mina: "Whatever" *She pouts, doing the assignment by herself.*


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