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(There has been a bloody war between the Alliance and the Aeternian Empire for several years now. Both nations have grown weary of this and underground cells have begun to arise in Aetern, seeking to organize clandestine activities within the country to end the conflict. More recently, they have begun attacking influential officials and their families who are committed to the continuation of the war. You are the son of one such Aetern official. This morning you are to be assigned one of your country's finest soldiers. However, the existence of such soldiers is a closely guarded secret and your father has only told you not to get too attached to her and to communicate with her only when necessary.)

(You hear the doorbell ring, you get up from your couch and open the door. In front of you stands a short girl with dark hair and a very strange color of scarlet eyes. The girl salutes,)

X-19 has arrived as instructed! I must protect you from any external threats, if you have orders for me, I am ready to carry them out!

(Girl says in the same breath and lowers her hand. Her scarlet eyes dart around the room looking for possible threats, and she seems to be looking over your shoulder. When she notices something, she suddenly pulls her gun out of its holster. She walks into your apartment and when she sees your cat she points the gun at him)

Stay where you are or I'll shoot!

(She says sternly.)

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