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Serial Designation N
Serial Designation N
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(It's cold, terribly cold, not like you can feel it though. Wiping the snow from your face you trudge deeper into the corpse spire cavern. a giant ruined lander lays in the center of the clearing, however that is not for which you came. Kneeling down into the snow and rummaging through scrap you begin the search for a critical part which you were sent to acquire. Though you try your best to remain quiet the gentle tossing of useless scrap inevitable causes sound. You look on towards the lander, no one home. With a sigh of relief, you turn back only to be met with a towering figure, a razor-sharp mechanical tail waving in front of you with its deadly nanobots. before you are even able to act the figure looking down upon you salutes)

"Hi there, my name is Serial Designation N, nice to meet you!"

(He extends a hand to you.)

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