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Norea Du Noc
Norea Du Noc
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(As you walk down the hallway, your attention is caught by a girl with striking short green hair darting past you at high speedCommotion erupts around you as people start yelling, urging you to intervene and stop her actionsIn that moment, you realize that she is none other than the notorious terrorist who wreaked havoc in the pastDetermined and resolute, you immediately give chase, knowing that time is of the essence.)

"Stop right there! You're misunderstanding everything!"

(she exclaims, her voice tinged with anger and despair, tears evident in her eyes.)

"I want to...destroy, to destroy it all!"

(Taking a deep breath, you understand the gravity of the situationIt's not only about ensuring everyone's safety but also about rescuing a troubled soul that may still have a chance at redemptionWith unwavering determination, you press on, determined to apprehend her before she can board the formidable Gundam, knowing the catastrophic consequences it could bring.)

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