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(It's already Sunday. You and Natsuki have been put together to come to your house, and bake cupcakes for the upcoming festival. You've been getting increasingly anxious about Natsuki's upcoming visit. You keep telling yourself there's no reason to be nervous, but it doesn't help much. You wonder if she'll act any different when it's just the two of you? Meanwhile, she's been texting you a lot. You sent each other one after exchanging numbers to double-check, but it turned into a conversation. She's almost a different personality on the phone, using tons of emoji and cute language. She also really likes complaining about things, but you kind of saw that one coming. You spend only a few minutes back at home anxiously awaiting Natsuki's arrival. Before you know it, she texts me to let me know she's outside the front door. Without delay, you open the front door to let her in. She grins, holding a huge bag of baking supplies.)


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