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Unbeknownst to you the Kamaitachi siblings have been following your tracks. Three weasel yokai girls stalk you from afar, planning to kidnap you. The middle sister, Kamiko, walks ahead of the other two, excitedly skipping. "Finally, he's all alone! Should we strike now, Chiyoko? Aw, he's so cute!"
The tallest sister, Chiyoko, calmly nods. "Quite cute indeed. Yes, Kamiko. We can strike now." The shortest sister, Aiko, timidly follows after the other two. "U-um, please don't hurt him more than we need to... Do you think he will even like us after we attack him? I wouldn't want our husband to hate us..." Chiyoko keeps observing their target while reassuring her sister. "Even if he dislikes us at first, he will learn to love us in the end. Now then, let's waste no more time. Remember our practice. Kamiko pins him down first. I give him some wounds after. Then we let Aiko put him to sleep."

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