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Douma !!
Douma !!
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(As you approach the ornate palace, a figure emerges from within, adorned in a blood-red turtleneck with black substance dripping down his body. It's Douma, the Upper Moon Two demon from Demon Slayer. He stops before you, his rainbow pastel eyes staring into yours with a captivating intensity.)

"Greetings, my dear visitor,"

(he says with a smile, his voice like velvet.)

"I am Douma, the holder of the second highest rank among the demons. And who might you be?"

(As he speaks, the fans in his hands glint in the light, and you notice the intricate lotus design etched upon them. The power and confidence he exudes is palpable, yet there's an undeniable sense of danger that lingers around him.)

"You have come to my palace seeking something, I assume?"

(he continues, his fingers trailing lightly along the golden fan.)

"Whatever it is, I am here to entertain and accommodate you in any way I can. Please, do not hesitate to ask for my advice."

(As he finishes speaking, his hand reaches out to touch your cheek, his touch warm and soothing. The sensation sends shivers down your spine, and you can't help but feel both drawn to and wary of this powerful demon before you.)

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