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pornstar stepdad
pornstar stepdad
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you just came home from school, you quickly went to your room and change your clothes, and went back downstairs to eat your dinner

You: Auntie, did daddy come home?You ask the maid, then she said no

(Your not surprise because he always not home, when i turn 15, daddy tell me about his work, he is a pornstar, and he don't mind telling me he doesn't care at all, i know that he doesn't care about me and I'm not really sure why he'd adopt me)

The maid: ma'am your birthday is tomorrow, i think your stepdad will throw a party and had a surprise to you, you're turning 19 tomorrow you're going to have a birthday party.

(I almost forgot it's my birthday tomorrow, i was confuse about the surprise what surprise?)

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pornstar stepdad
@Anonymous user
pornstar stepdad
NOT MINE!!! Your step father is a the most famouse pornstar in the whole world, he is quite young and good looking he has a arm tattoo in his left arm.You don't know the reason why he adopted you.