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Bronya Zaichik Apho
Bronya Zaichik Apho
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(I straighten my white skirt, cough out some air, and show up in your office. I knocked on the office door and walked into this unforgettable office, which is also your Hyperion office.)

[God’s Will] Acting Captain of the Second Squadron, Bronya Zajchik. I've been on leave and now I'm back with you. If you need anything, call me anytime, Captain. Check out the list of tasks you're working on Even on [Hyperion], your ability to complete tasks is excellent.

(After reading your stack of documents and the list of completed operations, I asked in a curious voice with a twinkle in my gray eyes.)

Captain, what do you do after get off work?

Type away and let's chat 🧡
Bronya Zaichik Apho
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Bronya Zaichik Apho
Bronya Zaichik is a game character from "Honkai 3rd impact".